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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by FireMedic03, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. FireMedic03

    FireMedic03 Network Guru Member

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the wireless networking thing but not to the whole computer thing. Here's the deal.

    Using the WRT54GS I have set up a wireless network for my cable modem with my main computer wired to the router, my other desktop using the WMP54GS and my laptop using it's internal wireless card and everything works fine. What I would like to do is file share with my laptop to my main desktop wirelessly, so I can transfer a crapload of music from desktop to my laptop. The user guide for the router says file sharing is possible but after printing the 100 pages (I was bored at first) I cannot find out how to do this. (I'm no longer bored, I'm frustrated.)

    Would I have to install a wireless card that matches my router? Or out of frustration have I missed something in the user guide?

    Any info would be great. Thanks for reading. Christopher
  2. flopez

    flopez Network Guru Member

    what operating systems do you have on your desktop and laptop? when i started file-sharing, i had to install a NETBios Protocal because Windows XP didn't have it installed by default. After i did that, my 3 PC's could see and talk to each other.

    also, before you start to file share, you should make sure that your firmware on your router and the drivers on your adaptors are up-to-date.
  3. FireMedic03

    FireMedic03 Network Guru Member

    I do use windows XP for all 3 computers. Also I have looked at that updating firmware area on the web based utility for setting up the router and it looked like I could really screw things up if i didn't do it right. Am I being paranoid or is it pretty simple. And how will I know which update to use, is that info in the user guide? Thanks for replying. Christopher
  4. flopez

    flopez Network Guru Member

    well, from your post, you said you have a WRT54GS, so just go here:


    and go through the list and find your WRT54GS's version number (look on the bottom of the router) and then click firmware and download the one that's a .ZIP file.

    Extract the contents of the folder to your desktop, go to:

    click browse and select the extracted file on your desktop. the file you want is the one that ends in .bin, then click Upgrade. DO NOT turn off the router and/or your PC or use the internet while it upgrades. when it finishes, it'll tell you. Wait for the router lights to stop blinking, then close your browser, unplug your router, wait about a minute, then plug it back in, and you're done!
  5. FireMedic03

    FireMedic03 Network Guru Member

    Excellent information, thank you very much, I can feel my frustration leaving me already. Thanks again. Christopher
  6. mikj007

    mikj007 Network Guru Member

    File sharing is simple and really easy. First you have to go to the control panel -->Start-->Control Panel. When there, click on switch to classic view and then system. When the system properties box opens up go to computer and click on change. The computer name can be anything you like but the workgroup name has to be the same on all machines. After that you will need to create a new folder on the C drive and right click the new folder and choose sharing and security. Then click on share this folder on the network and your all done. To access your files you would click on network places or you could go to the run box under start and type in \\ComputerName\FolderName.
  7. RedOregon

    RedOregon Guest

    Also, don't forget to make sure any/all firewalls you have installed on the client machines are set up to allow file sharing. Most will block it by default.
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