File pattern error on upgrade BEFSR41

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by easymac, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. easymac

    easymac Network Guru Member

    I'm brand new to the forums, and have found very much useful information on them. However, my trouble is that whenever I try to upgrade my router's firmware, I get an error about some File Pattern junk or something.

    I thought at first that the file I downloaded was corrupted, so I downloaded it again, and tried over. Same error, so I downloaded a different version, tried that... Same error. My firmware says that it's from like 1987 :p

    1.43.3, Nov 15 2002

    I don't know exactly what I should do. Oh, yes, and I tried the TFTP upgrade, that failed as well.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    try this one.

    1.46.2 is the latest for your version. alot of changes since your firmware.

    1.46.2 Aug 3, 2004 1. Modified the DHCP and PPPoE Internet Connection
    type for stability
    2. Modified code for better support for MSN 6.x
    3. Modified PPPoE logout that cannot send the lcp-termreq
    4. Fixed issue with some website access.

    1.46 June 24, 2004 1. Fixed DHCP renewal.

    1.45.11 Jun 4, 2004 1. Fixed CGI string attacks issue
    2. Fixed UPnP on Windows XP SP2 issue
    3. Fixed One way audio issue
    4. Fixed NAT-T issue for some VPN connection
    5. Fixed DHCP server revision, fill the siaddr to the server address
    6. Fixed DHCP (BOOTP) vulnerability issue
    7. Added Filter IDENT(port 113) to appear stealth when scanned
    8. Added DHCP option 55 support
    9. Fixed buffer leakage bug
    10. Modified TCP Support RFC 3360 standard
    11. Modified PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP fragmentation supports fragmenting
    1 packet into more than 3.
    12. Modified MTU/MRU function for better handling

    1.45.7 Jul 31,2003 1.Supports multi-L2TP-pass-through
    2.Supports DHCP relay agent
    3.Fixed fragmented packets arriving out of order

    1.45.6 Jun 24, 2003 1. Fixed the Enable option in the port forwarding option
    2. Added PPPOE service name for PPPOE connection type
    3. Modify host name field length from 31 to 39
    4. FixED PPPoE mode change that would not restore MTU settings
    5. Fixed web upgrade issue using iMAC (netscape/Internet Explore).
    6. Fixed MSN messenger with Windows Messenger file transfer.
    7. Fixed mulitple IPsec VPN pass-through connection
    8. Added Xbox support(not certified by Microsoft).
    9. Fixed mulitple PPTP VPN pass-through connection.

    1.44.2 Dec 13, 02 1. Fixed UPnP functions

    1.44 Nov 22, 02 1. Fixed CGI script detecting ".xml" and would
    bypass authentication.
  3. easymac

    easymac Network Guru Member

    Great! It worked!

    Thank you very much. So I have that old of a version? Would you say it's time for an upgrade?

    If I upgraded would I get a better product with more features, or would it be the same thing and have a different plastic case?

    Finally, in your eyes, which is the best router of all of them? (I do not need wireless)

    Thank you.
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