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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Fregster, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Fregster

    Fregster Network Guru Member

    Does anyone know if people are working on custom firmware for the WAG354G, when playing online I get lag spikes after about 30-40 mins for 10-30 seconds.

    I leave it pinging in the background and I get around 50ms to going to 1000 3000 timeout on spikes before returning. Ideas, thinking of extending lease times, key change etc, see what happens.
  2. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member

    Yes, we (at are working on a custom firmware for many DSL routers (including the WAG354G). It's not ready yet, but we're making progress.... You can see the status on this page:
  3. Fregster

    Fregster Network Guru Member

    thanks, as for the lag spikes I have set the key to change every 4 hours, turned of UPNP and logging this seems to have sorted it for me.

    Thanks Guys, let me know how your doing with the firmware.
  4. rvision

    rvision Network Guru Member

    Any plans to implement WDS into the WAG354G firmware.

    I just bought one for a client, and i'm very impressed with the wireless.. I own a Draytek 2600VG and a WAG54G and it out performs both without an antenna fitted. With one fitted I get another 5db Gain :)

  5. Fregster

    Fregster Network Guru Member

    Anyone know if you can get WPA AES or WPA2 to work on this device? My wNIC supports both now with the current driver release. Ra2500
  6. rvision

    rvision Network Guru Member

    Does anyone know if many of the extra functions available on the Wag54g will be implemented into the WAG354G.. WDS?? etc

  7. greySkeg

    greySkeg Network Guru Member

    And as for another request - I've had (another) 1/2 hr LiveChat today trying to get at the Upstream and Downstream power settings. They've said it's hard-wired, but it's reported so I'm thinking there's got to be some way.

    Kernel knowledge = zip - so let someone else work it all out :D

    If you could be able to add some settings for the power to the DSL line - for example in my old USB BT Voyager 150 #shudder# there was a hidden menu where I could put +10dB onto the Tx Power Attenuation. This jumped my SNR from about 6(where it used to cut off every 3-4 mins) to around 22 (where I could run for hours without dropping once).


  8. solid-

    solid- Network Guru Member

    Will this firmware (openwrt) allow splitting up bandwidth between computers?
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