firmware for repeater mesh ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by datamile, May 9, 2005.

  1. datamile

    datamile Network Guru Member


    Any recommendation for a wrt repeater mesh firmware. Thinking of something simple and reliable for campsites.

    What to front with a pc doing auth and bandwidth, but connected to a wrt wds mesh.

    so need

    1) wds repeaters, with wireless client support at each node
    2) power controls

    will the basics support vpn etc for users ?

    Is there anything for the wap54 to turn them into repeater/clients, and repeat repeaters ?

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I would be very interested in the responses you get. I am working
    on a simular project.
  3. crappedcrusader

    crappedcrusader LI Guru Member

    WAP repeater for WRT on publicIP's "zone"

    I have a publicIP setup working with the following components:
    • An old computer with a usb key (to load config information from) and the "zonecd" (downloadable from
    • A WRT54GL with DD-WRT v23SP1 on it with WAN interface and DHCP server turned off.

    I ran the DSL modem thru the eth0 interface of the computer (usually the PCI network card) and ran the Motherboard eth1 interface to the router.

    I'm trying to add a WAP54G with HyperWAP 1.0 loaded on it to be a repeater to the WRT.
    I set the AP Mode to be a repeater and entered the MAC of the WRT's wireless interface.
    I'm not sure what I need to set for the Wireless settings on the Basic Setup page. Does it need to be the same SSID and channel or should it be different?
    I attempted to connect to the WAP, but could not obtain an IP address. Is the WAP not repeating the wireless signal? Is the DHCP server not repeating?

    Any thougths appreciated. Thanks in advance:thumbup:
  4. crappedcrusader

    crappedcrusader LI Guru Member

    Also, the DIAG light is on all the time. And i'm not quite sure what to do for the IP settings on the LAN side either.
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