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Firmware 'upgrade' to OpenWRT through Linksys Web-Interface

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by phreak_cypher, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. phreak_cypher

    phreak_cypher Network Guru Member

    Sorry guys, if this is already known .. but at least I found no information about it, so I though it might be interesting for you!

    I just made a very strange experience with my brand-new WRT54GS. It's a V4 (I was lucky enough not to get a V5), Serial# is CGN6..., and came with Linksys Firmware Release Version 1.05.3.

    I've read a lot about the ping bug not being there in the original web interface any longer, so I had no chance to easily enable boot_wait, so I decided to search for another method to enable boot_wait, but before doing that I tried something completely different:

    Well, brave as I am, I just went to the Firmware Upgrade section of the web-interface, chose the OpenWRT firmware .bin file I just downloaded from openwrt.org (White Russian RC4 / openwrt-wrt54gs_v4-squashfs.bin), and hit 'Upgrade'. (I expected to get some weird error message or brick the router, which wouldn't have been a big problem as well). I wouldn't have expected what happened next - after uploading the file to the router it told me 'Upgrade was successful' (or sth. like that), and then the router re-booted (without boot_wait ing) ... to OpenWRT :cheering: It's true!! Without doing any ping bug exploit and/or TFTP!

    The first thing I did was of course I logged in via telnet and entered 'nvram set boot_wait=on; nvram commit; reboot'. It re-booted with boot_wait, as expected, again with OpenWRT. It's there! It's going to stay! Still can't believe it :thumbup:
  2. kostek11

    kostek11 Addicted to LI Member


    I have Windows Vista + WRT54G3G-EM + Merlin XU870. I've updated firmware to openwrt-wrt54g3g-em-squashfs. Now I can't run setup page Do You know what can I do ?

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