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flashing dd-wrt on wrt54g v4

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by plink0025, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. plink0025

    plink0025 Network Guru Member

    i'm going to take another crack at putting dd-wrt on my wrt54g, but before i do i want to make sure i do it right. the dd-wrt wiki gives special instructions for v4 routers:
    what i dont understand is:
    1. why is the _wrt54g.bin firmware only needed if i use tftp? the first time i flashed dd-wrt i just used the web interface and the std_wrt54g.bin firmware. am i missing out on anything by using the generic firmware?

    2. i'm going to upgrade to dd-wrt mini and then to dd-wrt std from there. should i use the _generic.bin firmware for both or only for the upgrade for the upgrade from mini to std.
  2. pb_red

    pb_red Network Guru Member

    i flashed my v4 router a couple of times and all i did was follow the procedure:
    1) reset to factory defaults
    2) flash with "mini generic" through web interface
    3) reset to factory defaults
    4) flash with "std generic" through web interface
    5) reset to factory defaults

    i did steps 1,3,5 just in case and it worked like a charm :thumb:

    i'm not overly impressed with the firmware though...

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