Flashing RT-N16 to Tomato using Macintosh

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by bunk3m, Dec 6, 2013.

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    I apologize if this is posted somewhere but I've not had luck finding a posting about how you use a Mac (OSX) to flash the RT-N16. Seems that Asus is wintel friendly so the restore software only runs on Windows :-( Bummer!

    After reading a pile of info, I thought I needed to get DD-WRT onto the RT-N16 first and then use the Upgrade Firmware from the GUI. Somehow I remember doing similar with my old WRT-54GL.

    Following the directions from a number of sites and here, I managed to get
    onto the RT-N16. I was able to setup etc. and everything looks good.

    I was careful and did the resets in between following the directions carefully.

    But now I can't get any other firmware onto the RT-16N.

    I go to the Administration:Firmware Update, select the Tomato build
    (also tried renaming the same file with .bin, and each time I get a screen that looks like it will starts. It shows "Wait 299 ..." with a spinning wheel and then the connection gets reset. I wait for 5 min. because I don't know if this is actually doing something. When I go back to, I am still at the initial DD-WRT install.

    So two questions:

    Any idea what I did wrong here and why I can't get Tomato onto the router?

    Because I'm on a Mac computer can I upgrade to the right firmware using tftp?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. bunk3m

    bunk3m Addicted to LI Member


    OK, I'm so stupid. I tried to use Chrome instead of Firefox (25.0.1) and I was able to flash to Tomato (EasyTomato).
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