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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by joelinkup, Jan 15, 2012.

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    Hello... Sure hope you people can help me... I have an ATT Uverse Router 2Wire 3800HGV-B... and I have a Linksys E4200_V2 behind it... You should know that I am an experienced experimenter and have had many different Linksys routers over time and used many different third party firmware's... I also want to ad that this forum has been a tremendous help to me over the years... For this situation I am describing all the firmware is stock from the factory... this one has me stumped unless you conclude that ATT 2Wire has a firmware issue and for that perhaps there is no soluton... but sometimes you people have magic ways of getting around things... This issue is somewhat complicated so I need to explain in detail... I am using FTP... I am FTP'ing to a flash drive plugged into the Linksys Router... I have assigned a Port in the 50,000 range on the Linksys... on the 2Wire if you do NOT do DMZ and let both router's firewalls work then on the 2Wire you open this same 50,000 range Port... When doing this there is a special pull down menu that ASKS if this port will be for FTP... It says that IN SOME SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES there will need to be something more done inside the 2Wire Router to allow FTP but it does not tell you what that is... If you DO pick the selection that says FTP then ALL works OK... If you do NOT pick the special selection and just open the port then ONLY local FTP works and the 2Wire will not accept communications on that port via the Internet... any other communications assigned to that port work just fine... OK... So to get FTP to work you need to have both routers firewalls working and that is NOT WHAT IS WANTED... so you change the 2Wire to DMZ thinking that should work just fine... BUT, it does NOT... Be advised that the 2Wire in DMZ mode does NOT have that special menu that comes down and asks if this is going to be FTP because DMZ opens ALL ports... Local FTP works but over the Internet the 2Wire will not accept FTP connections on the port even though it is in DMZ mode... the only way to get the job done is to have BOTH router's firewalls working so you can pick the special FTP setting on the 2Wire... in all cases the ports ARE OPEN and show so when probed... it's just that the 2Wire will not accept an FTP connection when in DMZ mode but rather only when the port is defined to be for FTP and that can only be done when DMZ is not used... and this does not occur when doing FTP locally... it is the 2Wire alone that will not accept the connection here for FTP via the Internet... Also be advised that even using the standard FTP port of 21 has the same issue... ATT is NO HELP as they say if you are getting the internet then they are done and all is well... Ha.. Ha... ALL other types of connections work just fine... Like cameras... etc... I am stumped... How can DMZ be offering LESS openness than opening a defined port... and what is that SPECIAL THING that is being done inside the 2Wire router to allow FTP tranfer that is not being done even when it is in DMZ mode???... I must have this function as I need FTP functions when traveling... Local FTP is not adequate for my needs... I should also say that ATT says they did a firmware PUSH about 6 weeks ago and that is about when the issues began... This all use to work just fine at one time and NOTHING has changed... anyway, I am stuck... Any help is greatly and sincerely appreciated... Thanks...
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    OK... Yesterday... Suddenly... ALL this started working A-OK... I still have the 2Wire ATT in DMZ and I still have the E4200_v2 behind it... Nothing from my efforts has changed since my last posting... However... ATT must have made another firmware push as SUDDENLY ALL is WORKING 100% including FTP... So there you have it... I will add here that the E4200_v2 compared to the E4200_v1 is FANTASTIC... that is... for the file transfer time to the USB NAS built into the router... I have a 32 Gig USB plugged into the v2 and compared to the v1 it is MUCH faster... much faster... and any FTP transfers are WAY up in speed... as for the other aspects of v2 they are not much different than v1 but where noticeable they are a bit faster... I will also add that, so far, my v2 is ROCK SOLID... I know that you cannot use third party firmware with the v2 but most everything seems to be there and to be spot on... I will probably be selling my v1... I needed that faster FTP that v2 provides... BTW... Thanks to all you folks who read my message and did your best to think of a soluton... but, as stated, ALL is good now... Thanks Again...
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