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FTP performance

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by terje-lk, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. terje-lk

    terje-lk Network Guru Member

    At home, I just configured my new NSLU2 unit with a 250 GB NTFS HD on port 1. I'm running the R63 firmware.

    No real problems so far, I'm able to FTP my disk from my office with FTP Voyager.
    However, I think the transfer speed could be way faster.

    From work to my home: about 5 kB/s
    From my home to work: about 12 kB/s (yes, that's kilo-Bytes, not bits)

    My private line is a ADSL 2000 dn/ 300 up, and the line at my work is way faster.

    Where could the limitation be hidden? I'm using the admin account.
    The file-system? Should I try ext3?

    The harddrive is a Maxtor OneTouch

    Thanks for looking into this issue
  2. terje-lk

    terje-lk Network Guru Member

    Oh, and yes, it's kind of slow to browse the harddrive from within my home network as well
  3. terje-lk

    terje-lk Network Guru Member

    Seems to be working fine now, after a re-start at work. (My computer, that is, not me.. )
    explorer.exe was kind of busy for a moment there..

    Upload (work->home) is now up in 213 kB/s and increasing :rockon:
  4. cchur

    cchur Network Guru Member

    One limiting factor would be the speed of the USB port for the HD

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