General network architecture: placement of unmanaged switch

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by darksky, Dec 17, 2013.

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    I currently have a network setup like the following. Note that both my "router/gateway" and "AP" are routers running Tomato USB. The 1st one is setup in 'gateway'mode while the 2nd one is setup in 'access point' mode. Both PC1 and PC2 need to be wired. Other devices not shown connect wirelessly to the AP.

    The modem, router/gateway, and PC1 are all in one end of a building. A long cat5e run connects the AP for wireless service and a wired PC2.

                    ----> PC1
    Modem <--> Router/gateway
                    --------- long cat5e run --------> AP
                                                        ---> PC2
    My goal is to redeploy the router/gateway elsewhere. I can replace it an inexpensive, unmanaged switch but I don't think the resulting network will be sane. I think that the network has to be setup such that it flows from modem --> router --> switch -->PC1, PC2. Am I correct? Can it be split with the switch upstream of the router? Running a 2nd "long cat5e run" would far too difficult.
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