Gigabit Version?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by gafami, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. gafami

    gafami Network Guru Member

    Hello everyone :)

    does anyone know, whether there's a gigabit version of the nslu2 planned in the near future? (usb 2.0 driven nas server) or any other device from another vendor already available in the same price range?

    Best Regards & thanks,
  2. KalleGrabowski

    KalleGrabowski Network Guru Member

    It would already be helpful if the NSLU2 could use the whole 100MBit range (10-12 MByte/sec), so far you only get 4-5 MByte/sec...

    In a recent test I've read only the buffalo NAS was faster than the nslu2, really using the 100 MBit, but I haven't heard of Gigabyte NAS so far...
  3. gafami

    gafami Network Guru Member

    only 4-5mb? :\

    Sure... no usb 2.0 attached hdds could ever saturate a gbit link either... but what I want is at least the full possible speed the hdd would have if it was attached to a local usb 2 port (minus the overhead of course...)
  4. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I haven't checked yet, but it is possible the NSLU2 is not running at full duplex either. Maybe a tweak through the shell can force it. BTW, I also read the performance will be bad on a hub. It is recommended for a switch/router type setup as the switch/router will manage the traffice from the unit better. I believe Gigabit devices for home would probably not be the norm for a while. It is hard enough to convince normal non-tech users why a $20 router/switch is not better than $100 Linksys unit.
  5. jor

    jor Network Guru Member

    Buffalo's Kuko variant has an super HG version with twice the memory (128m) and a gigabit ethernet port. $240 at It's probably a better box overall, but with far fewer people playing with it so far. I'm going to let it flesh out a bit before considering it, stick to the slug for now.
  6. nibbles

    nibbles Guest

    the kurobox hg has gigabit. it's more expensive, but you'd expect that with more features and better performances.
  7. aheinila

    aheinila Network Guru Member

    Quick look at NAS devices revealed three products with gigabit ethernet interface, two of them being quite similar. None of them really falls the same sub $100 price range as NSLU2.
    Devices are Revolution Kuro Box HG ($240), Buffalo Linkstation HD-HG120LAN ($220) and Linksys Etherfast EFG120 ($550).

    Anyone know what kind of performance might be expected from KuroBox HG and Linkstation HG120Lan devices? According to a
    test, Linksys Etherfast EFG250 does not perform very well, only 45Mbit/s.
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