Given up on the WAG54G waht to do with the box?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by maartenr, May 3, 2005.

  1. maartenr

    maartenr Guest

    I've totally given up on my WAG54G V1.2 and am unable to create a steady network in 802.11g mode. I must have used almost every version of the firmware there is. I reconnected my old ADSL modem soon after using this box because of all the connection drops.

    I'm really dissapointed in the product but not in Linksys so I bought a WRT54G and am very happy with it. Never had such a steady connection, I'm glad Linksys still makes/markets some good products.

    Anyway, enough about that. I'm not posting here to complain but to tell others what I did with the old WAG I now had left.

    I started to see if the PCMCIA card which Linksys used in this device can be used with a notebook or mini-itx MII board. Searching the FCC-ID (Q87-WET54GM2) I found out it used a Intersil chipset, searching other FCC-ID's like the one from SMC ( revelad the same innards so it should work right?

    It did. The PCMCIA is a reference design(?) from Intersil and is based on the ISL3890 chipset. This card can be used with Windows XP and Linux. I have it working without problems on a VIA EPIA MII board with the SMC 2835W driver (v2) under Windows XP.

    Hope this helps someone.
  2. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    I converted the 3 WAG's we had to CASH (got money back) and bought working ADSL wireless routers, a lot better solution.
  3. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    woah you have a machine that turns WAGs into CASH?
  4. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Yes you send it back to the supplier claiming not fit for purpose (under UK sales law) and (eventually) they give you your money back. Done that with 3 WAG54G's and currently awaiting refunds on 3 more.
  5. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Make that 4 more. Another remote worker salesman plonked his WAG54G on my desk on Friday, saying "it don't work, sort it".

    His symptoms were intermitent wireless, loss of internet routes and numerous other funnies all fixed temporarily by power cycling.

    Traced to single port forwarding being setup via UPNP by MSN chat/messenger (used by kids). Removed this and WAG54G came slightly more reliable, until the replacement Netgear DG834G arrived today !!!!

    Not happy, had 7 WAG54Gs fail in the field now. Port forwarding definately seems implicated in causing them to become unreliable.
  6. Joeykins

    Joeykins Network Guru Member

    as i've said in another thread, all of the problems i've had with the wag54g v1.x have cleared up after disabling UPnP - they work absolutely fine without this unless you're trying to play a legacy game
  7. Bgrdlbstr

    Bgrdlbstr Guest

    Yeah, my WAG is stable for a few hours (if I'm lucky) and then starts misbehaving again.

    Tried everything mentioned on this site (firmware, settings, positioning).
    The only thing that worked was turning off all the settings I wanted (UPnP, Port Forwardng etc).

    Bought a Netgear DG834G on the strength of the suggestions on this site. It's a great piece of kit. So much better than the WAG. It just does what it's supposed to do (and it's setup i/f is better).

    And BTW, it stays working.... Now imagine that....

    Boo to Linksys for selling this dodgy (to say the least) piece of kit.
  8. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    I have now swapped all 6 WAG54G's that have failed at work (and one at my home) for DG834G's. All WAG's just got unreliable, I was continually getting support calls of "unable to connect" from users (and wife at home). Usual reply was just power cycle the WAG. Got refunds on most of them even one 8 months old, yes quite a few were RMa'ed by Linksys, but just failed again.

    Anyway since installing the DG834G's nobody has called me, I can see they are all working via the remote management and traffic is flowing but no one is having any problems..... I might just sabotage one so at least I can talk to someone and solve their problems.....
  9. dribble

    dribble Network Guru Member

    Which version you talking about?

    I see the initial problem was raised about version 1.2...

    Ian_m > the boxes you exchanged for "cash" are they also the same version?

    I think if you were to get your hands on a V2 you would have a different picture to paint.

    Another comment... on the originals were you running the box to the max > 54G/FW/filtering etc etc.. or was it just acting as a modem?

    When I had a 1.2 I droped it back to being a 11mbps and virtually acting as a modem (appart from MAC filtering) and it stabilised it completely
  10. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Didn't really note down version numbers I think they were a mixture of V1.1 and V1.2 running firmware. None were V2.

    Most were bought at work on the strength of mine I bought at home in August 2004. Its funny but as soon as we started installing at work and on site (Dec 2004), mine started failing at home. I had mine RMA'ed by Linksys twice before replacement died completely and I sent it back for a refund as "not fit for purpose".

    I ran my WAG54G as an ADSL modem to a WRT54G and it worked fine for weeks, but as soon as back to ADSL wireless router problems reoccured. In my experience enabling any form of port forwarding and/or using the firewall destabilsed the product, but this is not acceptable in our use.

    We don't have time to faff around, I just bought more DG834G's and have either returned for refund or binned the WAG54G's.
  11. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Ver 1.01.06 runs great right out of the box. I port forwared to my ftp server and the vpn was solid also. As a habit, I always ran the mtu on "manual" with a setting of 1450, disabled snmp and upnp.

    No issues to speak of.

    However, if you're folks are still having issues, myself and another guy have solved the wrv54g/linksys quickvpn equation. This router is now everything it was expected to be initially...

    But, I lapse. Go WAG54G!! :)

  12. Janneman1979

    Janneman1979 Guest

    I have here the exact same card before me. I was just starting the research, when I came across your post :cheer:

    Just tried the same driver from SMC (DR_2835wV.2_V.3_WHQL), which should work here as well, but don't. This btw is an acer aspire 1690.

    Then I decided to give the v1 driver a go, also from SMC (VDR_2835W_v1). Again, no luck. Now I'm starting to second guess the PCMCIA-controller driver, which is using the XP drivers(!). Still investigating that, but any info you haven't posted here yet (on how you got it to work on your system), would be :thumb:

    If this thing does decide to (re-)enter active duty on me lappie, i'll post here of course!
  13. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Just and update for all of you faffing with WAG54G's.

    We have returned all 7 WAG54G's (got refunds on 6) now for our remote workers and swapped for NetGear DG834G's.

    Using the latest firmware released in June that supports VPN we have had two VPN tunnels running on a remote site connected via ADSL for over 2800 hours now without any lost connections.

    We have

    Remote -> WRT54G ---wireless---> DG834G --ADSL---> VPN tunnel ---> ADSL2MUE -> Vigor2900 -> Server
    device (Satori)

    Note that this involves stability of wireless as well as ADSL. Not had any issues. lost connections etc etc since switching.
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