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Handover between 2 WRTs, forced from network

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by zolf, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. zolf

    zolf Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    Scenario and problem(s) below.

    The scenario:
    - 2 WRT54g (firmware: DD-WRT 22; versions: one WRT is v2.0, second is v2.2) with different channel settings: one has bssid 'b1' and second has bssid 'b2'.
    - No wireless security.
    - One Windows XP laptop (terminal - T) with cardbus wireless card. Association rules under the control of XP 'built-in' tool. Both APs ('b1' and 'b2') are added to 'automatic connection list'.
    - Initially 'T' is associated to 'b1'.

    - Force terminal 'T' to associate to 'b2'. The change must be forced 'from the network', ideally from telnet connections to WRTs.
    - The switching (handover) time should be resonable; target is less than 5 seconds.

    What was done so far:
    - Telnet connections to 'b1' and 'b2'.
    - On 'b1' I find the MAC of 'T' using: "wl assoclist".
    - 'b1' is changed to MAC filter deny mode: "wl macmode 1".
    - I add prevoiusly found MAC address to deny list: "wl mac <mac_addr>".
    - The 'T' is not 'kicked' as filter prevents from new association, it does not deassociate existing. (is this right?)
    - Next I kick the terminal using "wl deauthenticate <mac_address>" (is this the only way to kick the terminal from given AP?). Now "wl assoclist" shows that 'T' is not associated with 'b1' - switching starts.
    - About 15 seconds later the Windows XP realizes that connection is broken ('ping' status changes from 'timout' to 'hardware error').
    - Second to few seconds later the WinXP finds 'b2' and associates automatically (as it is on 'automatic' list).

    - Switching success, but time performance poor: 15-20 seconds.
    - Two cardbus cards tested.
    - Scenario with the same bssid results in 40-45 seconds initial delay.

    More questions:
    - Does "wl deauthenticate <mac_address>" cause a message sending to the terminal about 'kicking'? Or just it starts to ignore MAC frames from 'T' according to deny filter and not-associated status?
    - Is there a way to 'polite' deassociation so the WinXP would notice change faster? All other possbile 'b1' associated terminals must work without interrupt : )
    - Is there a way to reduce the 15 seconds ignore/disconnect timer of WinXP built-in tool (regedit/hexedit)?

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