HELP: befw11s4 speed drops to dial-up levels

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by kosmos, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. kosmos

    kosmos Network Guru Member

    Need help with befw11s4 v2 (b type) linksys firmware 1.45.10, it worked flawlessly for almost 3 years and since few days my speed has suddenly dropped from 200kB to nearly 10-18kB on both wireless and wired connection. The upload speed seems to be fine.

    When I connect the modem directly to one of the PCs the speed gets back to where it suppose to be.

    I already tried to reset, power down the box and all that. Also, I didnt make any changes in the settings nor installs on any of the PC on my lan before the problem occured.

    I was wondering if anyone can help ne with this one. Pretty strange to me.

    Some hints, can it be some ISP chnages?
  2. kosmos

    kosmos Network Guru Member

    Disabled DHCP in Linksys box and the speed came back to normal, any idea what might be wrong?
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