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Help! If I start DNSCrypt in Shibby v120

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Pess0g, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Pess0g

    Pess0g Serious Server Member

    the web service performs a little strange.

    FW:Shibby 120

    I had never used DNSCrypt and my router had been running well without any issue.But yesterday I just started DNSCrypt and then my router restarted the service but when I found I was able to access the Internet,I couldn't access the Web UI of my router.In the end,2 minutes later,all became normal.I filt strange so I clicked the 'Restart' button and the router began to reboot.Meanwhile,when '90 seconds' expired,I failed to access the web service again.Finally,2 minutes later it came back.But I never waited for extra 2 minutes before.
    Besides that,if I click 'disconnect'(My ISP provides PPPoE) or 'connect' button,nothing happens and my router doesn't run my command until I repeated my clicks twice or three times or even more.

    Before I started to use DNSCrypt,this issue never occurred and if I stopped it,all turned normal as before and the web service ran well.

    Anybody meets the same?

    Thanks in advance.

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