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Help me configure NoCatSplash with Tomato RAF 1.28 (E4200)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by DeiF, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. DeiF

    DeiF Reformed Router Member

    My networking knowledge is very limited. I want to make NoCatSplash to work with an router with Tomato RAF 1.28, but so far I couldn't.

    First, my network setup:
    The lower part of the image is my network as always has been. The provides access to Internet (through a cablemodem that I cannot change or configure) and connects my desktop PC and some trusted wireless clients via wifi (WPA2). It runs a DHCP server for assigning IP's to the rest of the network. A pretty common setup.
    Then I bought the with hopes of extending my network to my neighborhood. The will serve FTP plus other services, and limited access to Internet.
    I want NoCatSplash to appear for every computer connecting to the via wifi.
    (In the future, the will also let every device access another network in the 10/8 range)

    The has the WAN port disabled (I don't use it), and gateway and dns set to DHCP is disabled since the provides that service.
    So far all computers connecting to the can access Internet normally.

    Splashd doesn't start on boot until I manually go to the router config, page "RAF features"->"Captive Portal", and click "Save". This is maybe a bug.
    If I just ssh into the box and start "splashd" manually it complains about "nocat.conf" not existing.
    After doing the "Save" process, a "nocat.conf" file is generated in /etc (but since it's in RAM in disappears on reboot).
    The "nocat.conf" file has InternalDevice set to br0, and ExternalDevice to vlan2. I have no clue about what those interface names actually represent.
    "Nvram show" shows "wan_ifname=vlan2", "lan_ifname=br0" and "wl_ifname=eth1". Changing InternalDevice to eth1 makes splashd to not start at all (without any message).
    GatewayAddr is set to (router's own IP).
    Verbosity is set to 10, but the only message appearing in the syslog is "splashd : Captive Portal Splash Daemon successfully started".

    When I connect via wifi to the with my mobile phone (don't have access to a laptop right now) I can browse Internet normally, without the NoCatSplash page appearing.

    Any clue of what's happening?