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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ayushinx, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. ayushinx

    ayushinx Guest


    I have a old BEFW11s4 linksys wireless B router and i just bought a dlink dir 655 router to replace it. Thinking that it might throw the signal further away, it did but just by one bar. Would it be possible to hook up the old router to act as a access point to boardcast the wireless network?

    The router is in my room, my dad's room is about 15meters away with concrete slabs and doors blocking our signals.

    The dir 655 is brand new, Should i return it and exchange it for a dir-300 then flash it with dd-wrt and buy the aztech homeplug wireless extender to pair with it?


    should i (if possible) hook up the old linksys router to broadcast the signal furter.(and how do i do that?)

    Please advice. thank you!
  2. CaNsA

    CaNsA Network Guru Member

    return it and get a linksys wrt54gs or a wrt54gl and flash it with dd-wrt
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