Help!!!!! P2P port forward Problem!!!

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by agentsky1919, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. agentsky1919

    agentsky1919 LI Guru Member

    Please help me guys, im using WRT54GL with the Tomato Victek Mod 1.19. The problem is before i upgrade to this mod im using the 1.12 version of tomato which stable for me then i have decided to try the Victek mod because of its cool ip/mac bandwidth limiter but since then my torrent client seems to stop downloading even though the torrent has a thousand of seeders on it. When i try to test the port using by my torrent client the test said the port forward was error so i try to port forward it on the router but still the downloading is very slow. Could someone help me about this. TIA

    by the way the uploads seems fine to me. (although it is a little bit slower)
  2. jza80

    jza80 Network Guru Member

    I would double check the settings.

    1. Make sure your forwarding the correct port to the IP address of your computer. Also make sure your torrent client is setup to use this port.

    2. Are you limiting the download speed in anyway? On the router and/or torrent client.

    Other then that, your download speed with torrents depends on whoever is uploading to you.
  3. Clovenhoof

    Clovenhoof Addicted to LI Member

    As an alternate of the port forwarding, enable the "UPNP port mapping" both in your router and in your torrent client, to have an "active" connection from the p2p point of view.
  4. agentsky1919

    agentsky1919 LI Guru Member

    well i did disable the UPNP port mapping in both.

    Nope i did not limit the download or upload in anyway.

    will try to check both setting later. Thanks
  5. agentsky1919

    agentsky1919 LI Guru Member

    The UPNP seems to work if check and it will automatically port forward any P2P client. Thanks guys.

    But i would prefer the manual port forward to minimize the user in my network using P2P client........
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    are you using static IP's on you computers? if port forwarding then this really is a must. any firewalls on the PC blocking ports?
  7. agentsky1919

    agentsky1919 LI Guru Member

    yah im using static IP in every computer in my network. No firewall blocking in any ports.
  8. kameleon

    kameleon LI Guru Member

    I too ran into this issue. I had no special settings for port forwards to my torrent box (ubuntu running rtorrent and moblock) when running tomato w/ openVPN 1.16. I upgraded to the victek mod 1.20 tonight and am getting all the connections coming into my IP for the torrent port blocked. Even when I opened the ports manually it is getting blocked. Any ideas? I like the victek mod as I don't need the openvpn stuff at the moment but if it blocks the ports I use for torrents then I may have to go back to the old firmware. Thanks in advance.
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