Help please getting very strange behavior

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Flyer007, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Flyer007

    Flyer007 Network Guru Member

    My setup:

    Moto SB5100 >>> Linksys RT31P2 Vonage router

    Then Port 1 goes to WRT54GS V2.0 in router mode acting as the WAP
    Port 2 goes to Netgear FS605 5port fast switch serving my workstation, Replay tv, xbox.

    I have the 6mb/768 service from comcast.

    What happens is when I first have everything setup I am getting 6088/717 speedtest. After awhile (approx. day or so) it drops way low and is intermittement.

    When doing high throughput to ftps, newsgroups when running at first I get the 6mb. Then when it starts to get flaky it starts fast and drops to zero. much like the WRT54G high throughput issue. But the wierd part is that I am not routing through the WRT. ? But to troubleshoot I was just having the issue and I unplugged the wrt from the network. Guess what. I have full speed no drops again. This is without rebooting the other router or anything.

    I do have dynamic routing enabled. QOS is only on for the vonage router and only on for 512 VOIP.

    Any thoughts on this? Since I would like to keep the wireless for the one system I have left in house not able to get cat5 to.
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