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Help please (WAP54G -> WAP54G -> WRT54G)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by insanesplace, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. insanesplace

    insanesplace Guest


    i'm trying to setup the following(see below) wireless LAN situation, but i cant get it working. Is this due to the hardware versions that i have or is this kinda setup never gooing to work?


    Wired network -> WAP54G -> WAP54G -> WAP54G -> WRT54G -> wired to a network cam.

    All the WAP's have hardware version 3 with the latest firmware, and the WRT hashardware revision 5 with the latest firmware.

    I have tried serveral setting like AP client mode, repeater mode etc etc but nothing works...... :( :(

    please, can someone give me soem advice.....
    thanks Ronald

    p.s. i'm rahter new here and sorry for my bad english. :(
  2. luckyluch

    luckyluch Network Guru Member


    I have successfully set up a similar network to what you are working with. Here is what I have:

    WRT54G, connected to a wired network then to a WAP54G, repeats signal from WRT54G then to another WAP54G as an Access Point Client, connected to another wired network.

    It works ok but there are some weeknesses and I wish to connect another WAP54G in repeater mode between the wrt54g and the first wap54g. I have yet to have any success with this.

    I have tried different linksys firmware and now I have hyperwrt and hyperwap running on all the equipment.

    Any insight would be helpful.

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