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HELP ! Questions About WL JOIN

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by oxidation, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. oxidation

    oxidation Network Guru Member


    Great forums btw.

    I currently have a wrt54g v2 running : Alchemy-pre7a v3.37.6.8sv

    and i have a 24db grid antenna hooked up to it and i was wondering how i would connect to my office 2 blocks down the street with this.

    THe office router is a dlink in AP mode.

    Now when i run kismet or do a scan i get 3 routers all named default showing up so my questions are.

    1) How can i spcify via mac address which router named default i want my WRT54G to connect to ( via the ssh shell ) ie. wl join default 00:22:22:44:11 would this work ?

    2) If the router is running WPA-SKA would it be... wl join default 00:22:22:44:11 WPASKA thepassword ?

    3) What wattage should I have set im currently using 80mwatts is that acceptable for a 24db grid antenna or should i bump it higher?

    4) Is 80 - 90 noise bad ? how can i lower my noise ?

    any help would be apprecaited thank you all and i bid you all a profitable day.


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