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HELP: setting up WRT54GC with DSL modem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by sildenafil, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. sildenafil

    sildenafil LI Guru Member

    I don't exactly understand why I have so much problem with it, but now I am on the edge of giving up...
    I think I have tried everything, but I just can't access the internet with the WRT54GC router!

    So I got the WRT54GC to upgrade my home wireless network to 11g. I use the 2wire 1000SW DSL modem/router/11b from SBC.

    So I set it up as:

    phone --> 1000SW
    1000SW LAN --> WRT54GC WAN
    WRT54GC LAN --> my computer (WinXP)

    since both the WRT54GC and 1000SW has router function, I setup the two routers with different subnet,
    with the default 1000SW setting:
    DHCP enabled

    and WRT54GC:
    DHCP connection
    - assigned
    - gateway
    DHCP enabled.

    and then my computer:

    So everything seems to work, but then I just cannot connect to the internet (or connecting with an extremely slow speed). I cann't load google page, while seem to be able to load the header of some other pages...

    I can ping the WRT54GC (, and the 1000SW ( perfectly fine, as well as accessing their web-based setup utilities.
    I can also ping www.google.com and various websites, with 20-40ms time. (so they are connected...)

    But then why can't I browse the internet??

    Some of my other checks:

    If connected directly to the 1000SW, either with its USB or 11b, I can browse the internet. So my internet connection is fine, the problem must be within the 1000SW subnet.

    I tried connecting 1000SW to the LAN port on WRT54GC, and my computer also on one of the LAN port. I turned WRT54GC DHCP off, so WRT54GC works as a bridge.
    this way my computer actually get assigned a IP from the 1000SW in the 172.16.1.xx, and it worked (for 2 weeks, then mysterious not working anymore, after I installed linux on a different computer)

    I also tried setting both router in the same subnet:
    with DHCP on or off, two DHCP on but different IP ranges...
    nothing worked... :<

    Anyone know how to troubleshoot this?
    Thanks so much!!!
  2. ajdoakwood

    ajdoakwood LI Guru Member


    I have a very similar problem. Did you find out how to fix this?

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