Help, upgrade to tomato from DD-WRT, lost password

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by tomwu, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. tomwu

    tomwu Networkin' Nut Member

    Hi all,

    Just upgraded to tomato 1.28 from DD-WRT, didn't get the http_passwd value first. It sucks that my Dell 2300 router's reset button doesn't work, tried holding it for a few seconds to half a minute, nothing happens at all. There is no other buttons on the router.

    Now I end up with almost all previous config: same wireless ssid, but it's an open wireless without authentication:(

    Anyone knows is there any other workaround to reset the router?


  2. TT76

    TT76 Networkin' Nut Member

    what is your password. You can post it here to see if anyone would help get a encrypted form of it on a ddwrt router. and if you are not using a modified cfe for this router, be careful, cause this router is very easy to be bricked.
  3. BeHappy

    BeHappy Network Guru Member

    As you've seen lot of guides how-to, use this procedure
    - get yr firmware, original or elder 3. party fw, but less than 4 MB, NOT NEWER fw since the size exceeds > 4 MB
    - get tfp2 program here or from DDWRT wiki
    - Set yr pc w. a fixed ip; if yr router has then yr pc is subnet mask
    - open dos prompt and run command ping -t
    - shutdown yr router and power-on yr router holding down yr reset-button, check the ping result
    - The first successed ping then run tfp2
  4. TexasFlood

    TexasFlood Network Guru Member

    I was also going to suggest TFTP. It's just that I don't know anything about Dell routers. If they're touchy, not sure if trying TFTP might be risky. Probably not, I just don't know. Attempting to recreate the encrypted password as TT76 suggested certainly seems worth a try first. The DD-WRT site has some good guides on it should you decide go the TFTP route. Have a look at "Recover from a bad flash - Recovering with TFTP" and "TFTP flash". Read through those & make sure you're comfortable with the procedure if you haven't done it before.
  5. tomwu

    tomwu Networkin' Nut Member

    Guys, thanks for the tips, it works! Reimaged the router and get the http password.
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