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Help wanted to revive wap54g-eu v3.1

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by misha_gr, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. misha_gr

    misha_gr Addicted to LI Member

    During my experiments with various firmwares in order to increase the tx power loaded, firstly, with "LinksysWAP54G-Cisco-EU-EN-3.08.02.trx" and immediately with "wap54g_v3-3.08-hipower.104.trx". After flashing I had access to the web interface but vey soon realized that there is no tx att all. I did various tests with a laptop and netstumbler but no any tx from the wap.
    After that I did a reboot and a reset of equipment and since that time the green led remains off while the orange and the red are always on, even without lan cable connected.
    Since yesterday night I have spend a lot of time studying similar cases over the net. I met a lot of cases but nothing worked for me. The most interesting advice was that about the short circuit of pins 15-16 of flash chip. I can't find out if doing correct 'cause there is no any similarity between the pictures and my equipment.
    As you can understand, I have open the case, broke the warranty seal hence no complains to linksys.

    My questions
    Is there any how-to with fotos pertaining wap54g ver 3.1 eu?
    What other ways exists to revive my equipment, is jtag is an option for a novice like me?
    Is there any mentor to guide me to that steps?


    * Update PS Flash chip firmly recognized as stansion S2(AL)16D, jtag program is not recognize it, therefore I cant flash it through jtag method. Any idea? Any help?
  2. misha_gr

    misha_gr Addicted to LI Member

    Come on!!!!!!!!! nobody!!!!!

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