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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Hackerivs, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hackerivs

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    I need to configure my 3g usb modem here in croatia to let me use unlimited free data on my cell phone.
    It will be a little hard for me to explain it to you, but I will give all my best in order to get some help.

    On a croatian internet site it was explained how you can theoretically use free and unlimited data, but with no metods given.

    The carrier here uses a specific apn to connect your cell phone to the internet. Let's say this is APN1.
    When you send a mms, the carrier uses an another APN, APN2.
    On apn1, the data is charged per 100/ kilobytes
    On apn2, the data is not being charged, because we use this apn for mms sending and receiving purposes.

    When i change my internet apn on my phone from apn1 to apn2, i do not become a public ip anymore, a become a local address from the carrier, which is 10.104.x.x
    In theory, i could use my asus RT-N16, on which i would attach the 3g usb modem, configure and connect it to apn2 (and get the 10.104.X.X address) Then i would make an vpn pptp server from this 3g usb modem and link all its incoming traffic from the 10.104.x.x. to the public ip which my router allready has.
    So everytime when i would use free data from my cellphone, i would have to connect to the VPN server on my router (10.104.x.x:1723) and get full internet connectivity.

    My first and biggest problem is that i have a option ICON 225 3g usb modem. I tried all tomato builds, but only the dangerous chinese dualwan firmware works with it. as i have read on the dualwan firmware topic here, it is not recommended to use this chinese builds because its source code is not known.
    Shibby's 3g builds also does not support my 3g modem.
    Do you have heard of any other regular tomato usb builds that support 3g usb modems?

    My second problem is, when i would find a needed firmware, i would not now how to configure it. how to link all incoming vpn traffic from the 3g usb modem to my public ip address.

    sorry for my bad english. would be happy if anyone could help me a little.

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  2. maurer

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    fortunately with rt-n16 you have options
    try a dd-wrt BIG build - they also have support for 3G modems
    for your icon modem you need HSO module- i'm not sure is built in tomato - but dd-wrt has it - maybe you're lucky and it will work.
    and if you have moderate linux knowledge i recommend you use openwrt for rt-n16 - you have to build it from source or use george's builds - NO WEB GUI !!!
    you have to then add packages like web and everything....check the

    Later Edit: builds for rt-n16 surely work with icon 225
    and then you can use ipkg to instal pptp server and use your internet backdoor :)
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