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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by uchiha_itachi, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. uchiha_itachi

    uchiha_itachi Network Guru Member


    I really dont want this to sound like a cliched "what is the best firmware for my wrt54g" thread, I have searched, and read this site for sometime now. And genuinely cannot find the answer to my problem.

    I have a linksys wrt54G V1.0. Here are the details from sysinfo:

    Firmware Version:v2.02.2 , Jan 6 2004
    Boot Version:v1.0

    I have only performed one firmware update which was about a year ago, and it was necessary as I wasnt able to use my adsl modem with it until I had updated the firmware.

    I have adsl connected up to an x-modem, and this is connected via ethernet to my WRT54G. Everything has been going pretty good for a year now. I have been paying more attention to the router now and have decided to update firmware. Main reason behind this is that I would like to increase wireless signal, as my main laptop just isnt getting a strong enough signal.

    Also I am a bit confused with the latest official linksys firmware updates. I do not know if they are compatible with a wrt54g version 1.0, or if they are compatible with a european version of the wrt54g. As all the firmware updates seem to be US versions. When i go to download firmware from the UK linksys site, the highest firmware for a wrt54g v1.0 is older than one I am currently using. So this is confusing me.

    I have no use for major extras in the wrt54g, vpn and ssh access etc isnt that important to me. Just looking for the most stable firmware which allows me to increase wireless signal. I only have one pc connected to the router via wires, and one laptop connected via wireless.

    Sorry about the long post, just wanted to get all the relevant information across so I could get a better response.
  2. uchiha_itachi

    uchiha_itachi Network Guru Member

    Ok, after doing more reading I have found out what firmware out there would suit my needs best.

    However still one question remains.

    Am I able to flash my UK wrt54g V1.0 with the current official linksys firmware? Could somebody please answer that, as I would really like to update to the latest linksys firmware, but I can find nowhere on the linksys site which says the latest firmware is compatible with a uk wrt54g v1.0

  3. Couledouce

    Couledouce Network Guru Member

    The only difference between the european and us versions is a few extra wireless channels in the european version.
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