Help working with HyperWRT firewall?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Birds, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Birds

    Birds Network Guru Member

    I am new to working with router based firewalls (but not new to networking).

    I was wondering if folks could discuss some of the basics of working with the HyperWRT firmware in regards to the router’s firewall capabilities.

    What program constitutes the “firewall†in HyperWRT 1.4? Is it IPTables?

    How does one display the default/current firewall chain/settings to get an idea of what the default configuration is, and what is actually taking place (typing "iptables –L" at a the Linux shell window returns “iptables: not foundâ€)?

    Can the default firewall configuration be improved upon to provide greater security by creating custom chains (such as if someone only wanted to allow e-mail traffic to and from an SMTP and POP server to pass through the router from specific NICs, and hard coded IP Addresses, and reject everything else)?

    Does something like Batbox need to be installed to work with all this?


  2. Birds

    Birds Network Guru Member

    After reading more about "Batbox" I realize Batbox is what provides IPTables, etc.

    Does installing Batbox introduce any security holes into the router (not currently present) which need to be locked down?


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