Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Piro, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Piro

    Piro Network Guru Member

    hi i just got my dads old linksys WRT54G router sine he got a brand new one >_< , but the thing is he lost the installtion guide and cd for WRT54G can someone tell me how to install it on to my pc? i don't know where the wires go ._.

    i know that a wire is supposed to go from my broadband modem to somewhere and one wire is supposed to go into the pc ._. thats about all i know, also do i need the installing cd? also i use NTL broadband.

    thanks for in advance! ^_^


    its a wireless - G
  2. Piro

    Piro Network Guru Member

    awww come on someone please help me!
  3. Piro

    Piro Network Guru Member

    can't anyone look at there linksys WRT54G router and tell me what wires go where? on my router the only lights that come on are power and diag
  4. brightdog

    brightdog Network Guru Member

    Take the ethernet cable from the Modem and plug it into your "Internet" port in the back of the WRT54G. It will be seperated from the others. Then plug your pc into one of the other ports (labeled 1-4).

    then plug the power into the power port and you're all set.

  5. Piro

    Piro Network Guru Member

    awww man i've tried that but my modem and computer don't realise its there and no lights on the router come on except the diag and power light....someone help please!
  6. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

  7. Corianus

    Corianus Network Guru Member

    Sequence of operation

    You have to power everything down. Now plug in the modem only. WAIT for it to go through it's paces. Depending on your modem, you are waiting for send / receive lights and the online and or pc lights to light. Finally, you will probaly see some steady blinking. Now plug in the router. WAIT for it to go through it's paces. Again watch the lights. When it is all steady, turn on the computer. This is a common problem that many people have, and wonder why it doesn't work.
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