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Here's how to enable telnet in R63

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by ytsejam, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. ytsejam

    ytsejam Network Guru Member

    Download the config.bin file from the Administration/Backup tab in the web interface. Open the config.bin file in Wordpad edit the third line down that says telnet_enable=no change the 'no' to 'yes' save the file and then upload back to the NSLU2 in the Administration/Backup tab. This allowed me to telnet in, but I do not have any other privileges due to the encrypted passwords. If you follow Jim Buzbee's guide here: http://www.tomsnetworking.com/Sections-article85.php it explains the whole encrypted password work around.
  2. languy

    languy Network Guru Member

    Are you sure that works? The tar archive is a binary file, that probably won't be saved the right way by Wordpad. When uploading a configuration file the NSLU checks the fileformat. Any inconsistensies and the file is rejected.
    I tried to enable telnet by using a tar program to untar the downloaded configuration file, edit the 'telnet=' line in the CGI_ds.conf file and build a new tar archive. But after the file is uploaded the NSLU reboots and the setting is reset to telnet being disabled. What I can change for example are the passwords in the passwd file.
    I also use R63.

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