Homegroup with 2 Tomato routers issue and Wireless IPv6 question

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by zapoqx, Jul 3, 2012.

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    So I don't know if this is the place to post for such an issue, but I figure I'd give it a shot.

    I have 2 routers currently setup. 1 is using Toastman's 7500.2 on a Linksys E3000 (RT Build). The other is Tomato RAF 9001 K26 build on a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54. Because of the setup, what I have going on is the 1 room that has the modem and the E3000 router has a PS3, 360, and DirecTV devices via Switch Hardwired. It also has 1 going to the other room where it is connected to the WAN port of the Buffalo router. I have the Buffalo router setup to basically act like a switch and grab the DNS and DHCP from the Linksys router.

    Now here is the thing, if any computers are connected to the Buffalo router with a "Homegroup" from windows 7 connected and setup, they can see each other. If they are on the other router, they can't see the computer(s) connected to the Buffalo router. However, all can still see each other in the Network Places no problems. (I want to specify this and while it would be as simple for me to just use that method, for a few others, it isn't)
    Is there something I should be setting up in the Buffalo router to make it just work correctly the way it needs to or is this an issue with Windows itself on how it handles Homegroups?
    Since I didn't want to spam in 2 different threads, this one somewhat relates.
    The Buffalo router has the wireless setup so it can accept everything in Wireless G only for systems that need to use Wireless G. Otherwise, N stuff goes over to the E3000. Since I have IPv6 setup on the router from the tunnelbroker method, I was wondering if its possible to get IPv6 handled onto the Wireless signal of the Buffalo router and if so, would I need to switch firmwares for that? I know that with my computer connected to the Buffalo router hardwired, it seems to grab IPv6 from the E3000 no problem so I'm kinda hoping there is a way to distribute this on the wireless as well.
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