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Horrible download speeds, and constant rebooting needed

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by cymbolkid, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. cymbolkid

    cymbolkid LI Guru Member

    Hi, i have two linksys wrt54gs. The one linksys i have had since the day they came out and the other i just bought last year to use as a repeater. I had the linksys firmware on it for about 4 months when i first bought it then i downloaded sveasoft firmware on it, and had it on my first router for almost two years now. I bought because i was getting low signal strength in my bedroom, so increased the transmit power to 251 and had it that way since i bought the sveasoft firmware. It worked great until about this past october.

    Around october of last year is when my problems started. I have dsl from verizon(3000 download, 768 upload). I was getting horrible downloads speeds. i was getting around 150 download, and 80 upload. Even on the wired side of the router. I thought it was on verizons end so i just let it go and figured it would go away after a while. I read alot of tips from people on this forum of what to do, i read the faq for linksys routers, i upgraded all of the firmware on wireless cards. Nothing seemed to help. Only thing that worked was to reflash the router with new firmware clear the router, and it would work great for about a week or so, and then do the same things again. Even the wired ports would have horrible speed and now the router would even lose all interent connectivity after a days.So around apirl it still kept giving me problems so i just had enough and just ran cat5 to my tivos and my laptopand just threw the linksys router in my basement and bought a netgear router.. I am glad i did it works alot better now but last month i wanted to sit in my chair and check my email and i couldnt because i forgot that i dont have wireless interent anymore. So i thought that I'll plug the linksys into my router so i could use wireless once in awhile if needed. But now i get the correct download speed but now i lose all internet access after about 20 mintues. I can access the router but i dont get a ip address from the modem. I even tried to put linksys firmware back on it, but it does the same thing. I read the faq's and searched the forums and i cant seem to find an answer to why my router is behaving like this. I would greatly appriciate any help. thank alot in advance
  2. cymbolkid

    cymbolkid LI Guru Member

    Anyone have any idea? I have really liked the linksys wrt54gs before all of these problems have started. But for the past 7 months my router has just been a paper weight. Besides of just throwing them both away, does any one know what i can do? Thank you
  3. Jesus1010

    Jesus1010 LI Guru Member

    "But now i get the correct download speed but now i lose all internet access after about 20 mintues."

    same here, i use Verizon DSL and a linksys router (i'll post model if needed), and it crashes randomly anywhere from 5-60minutes of usage. oh and it only started recently, around a few months ago...
  4. Freindly Fire

    Freindly Fire LI Guru Member

    Are either of you using a VOIP setup?
  5. Jesus1010

    Jesus1010 LI Guru Member

    VOIP? (sorry i'm not too good @ this stuff)
  6. cymbolkid

    cymbolkid LI Guru Member

    No, i am not using VOIP. I believe VOIP stands for Voice over internet protocol. My internet connection is also through verizon.
  7. cymbolkid

    cymbolkid LI Guru Member

    Anyone have any ideas?!?!?!?!?!?! If not then i have two wrt54gs that are no good to me. If anyone wants them they are yours. Seriously i really liked the routers before but now they do not work for more than 30 mintues or so. If anyone has any advice even the smallest tid bit of infomation i would appreciate it. Thank you

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