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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by dellsweig, May 7, 2005.

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    The current DD-WRT contains the Chillispot hotspot captive portal program. Chillispot requires external radius authentication as well as external web processing. It simply takes care of the interception and redirection (via IPtables magic).

    NoCatSpalsh is another captive portal - it is designed (in the WRT port) to be an all-in-one captive portal. You web page(s) are local and it does not require radius (configurable).

    NoCatSpalsh has been implemented on WRT54G hardware in the EWRT project. I have done a bunch of testing with it and found the router platform unstable in my environment.

    A couple of us have asked Brainslayer to look at implementing NoCatSpalsh in addition to Chilli or as a replacement. I suppose it is possible to load (as an external package) NoCatSplash to a router running DD-WRT. I do not have the time to tinker and do not see this as a valid method for a customer site implementation.

    Hopefully, in Brainslayers move towards openWRT - we will see this type of integration

    Bottom line, for free hotspot implementations around here - the owner would love to see a no maintence, no authentication captive portal where a TOS screen and maybe a menu can be displayed. Technically, the hotspot owners do not want to maintain a server for this function and would love to see this as a turn-key built in function in the router. I understand the ipkg load method is there to install noCat on the jffs partition but this is not true turn-key. Once I deliver a router to a hotspot - I do not want to have go back or log in remotely to tinker.

    Chillispot comes close but REQUIRES external authentication and web server. NoCatSpalsh is closer - it can be configured for no authentication and can server the splash web page(s) locally on the router

    I would love to see an integration where the router administrator has a choice of which captive portal gets installed (simple check box).

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