how do you know when your wrt54g is a brick?!?!?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by diesel, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. diesel

    diesel Network Guru Member

    i updated to linksys firmware from sveasoft last night and now my router does not give a WAN ip address but cox says they see me but does not see anything on the other side of me.. does that mean my router is busted?!?!
  2. mrdude

    mrdude Network Guru Member

    Your router doesn't give you the WAN IP, it's your network provider that gives you it (ie your modem).

    Did you try flushing your dns cache:

    ipconfig /flushdns

    Then restating the modem and router?

    It could also be that the mac of your router was configured the same as your network card and when you updated the firmware your isp saw the mac of the router instead of the mac address of the network card.

    Cable providers usually lease you an Ip address for 24hrs based on your mac address (from a dhcp server). It might be that you can't get the new ip because you will need to set the router to the same mac as your network card - either that or leave the router and modem off for 24hrs so you can lease a new ip with your new mac address.
  3. royalscam

    royalscam Network Guru Member

    Call your isp and ask them to release then renew your ip they MUST do this esp if you are on cable it will not work when done from the router cause of the mac addy issuse as stated in the previous answer or you can clone the mac addy of the network card into the router... but it is easier to call your isp
  4. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    Sometimes just turning off a cable modem for 5 minutes (but not a reboot) would do the trick.

    I might be easy to call cable ISP bit it might be difficult to get some action from them. My neighbors had a problem after power outage when Cablevision would give a bad IP that does not get routed well. They advised me to use a USB port on cable modem for 72 hours until IP lease expires.
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