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How to extend Wireless Range Using two WRT54GSs??

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by rizsher, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. rizsher

    rizsher Network Guru Member

    Hi, I have a WRT54GS with HyperWRT. Even with increased wireless power to 54, I still can't get a very good signal in upper flloor. Thinkiing of using another 54GS as a repeater to boost the range.

    Currently, my rotuer is set on 64bit WEP, Internet Conection type: Automatic COnfiguration - DHCP. Admin page :, DHCP starting IP Address, for 5 IPs.

    What settings would i need to make on the secondary router to use it as a repeater?. WEP, DHCP, Admin IP address, IP Address range etc etc?

    I read somewhere, you have to disable DHCP and set the wireless channel t be atleast 4-5 channels away from the main router (the one which is connected to the modem).

    1) Which DHCP needs to be disabled, is it the Internet Conneciton Type or the Network Address Server Settings (DHCP)? (towards the bottom of the basic Setup screen)
    2) Does Wireless security need to be disabled on the secondary rotuer?
    3) Anything else I'm missing?


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