How to I upgrade my routers firmware?

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    How to I upgrade my routers firmware?

    There are a number of ways to do this, and this answer is generic.

    A. use an auto updater firmware. there are a number of firmwares that are built in to an auto updater program. run the program and follow the questions.

    B. use tftp.exe and a binary firmware upgrade.

    1. download the binary firmare for your router (model specific) linksys downloads and download the tftp prgram here: linksys tftp program

    3. run the tftp program, When the “Upgrade Firmware†window opens, you will have three prompts. The “Server†field is for the IP address of your router; by default this would be

    4. Enter the routers password into the “Password†field; by default the password is admin.

    5. Browse for the file in the Firmware Upgrade utility program by clicking on the button next to file with the '…' symbol on it. Look for the file named 'code.bin' in the folder where the firmware files were extracted to.

    6. Highlight the code.bin file and click on the Open button to direct the TFTP loader program to put that file into the "File" box.

    7. The full path should be displayed [example: c:linksyscode.bin].

    8. Click on the Upgrade button to begin the upgrade process.

    9. The upgrade should take about 1 minute, and you will be prompted after the upgrade is complete and successful.

    C. enter the setup of your router, and find the firmware upgrade part. select browse to selct the firmware on you computer. then selct update.

    NOTE: if you download and install the wrong firmware for the router you will most likely kill the router. please make sure you have the correct firmware update for your router, and model, version number.
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