How to make VPN not interfere with Internet traffic?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Tyrel, Oct 15, 2013.

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    I'm not really proficient with setting up routers and even though I tried googling around, I couldn't find a well explained answer to my question:

    I've created a PPTP VPN SErver with Tomato like the following:


    My problem is, that when I connect to the above VPN network with a (Win7) PC it will consider this VPN Network as Primary. It can still access computer's on its own LAN using IP Addresses, but it is no longer able to resolve any hostnames on that LAN. Furthermore all internet traffic of the connected PC goes through my router, what I really do not want.

    The goal for the above VPN would be, that any connected computer still uses its own connection to access the Internet and uses the DNS settings it received through its own LAN, meaning that the VPN connection should not in any way interfere with the PC's usual traffic.
    THe only thing that the VPN should accomplish is to make the USB HDD attached to the router visible/accessible to VPN connections as if it would be on LAN, not requiring FTP protocol.

    Basically I think (really just a guess, I'm not a professional) that whenever a computer connects to the above VPN, its DNS settings get totally messed up...

    I'm also open to solutions with OpenVPN in case PPTP itself somehow is the issue.

    Please, can anyone help me? Please?
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