How to Monitor Incoming Router Traffic?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by jetster, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. jetster

    jetster Network Guru Member


    I am new to Satori and am trying to set up Wake On Lan. I have gotten it to work internally inside the LAN but can't get it to work from the WAN. My router has the same MAC address as my NIC (cloned) so I wonder if the magic packet stops there. I have enabled the right port forwarding and disabled blocking of wan requests.

    I would like to monitor the incoming traffic on the router to see if the magic packet is getting there and what happens to it after that. Is there some what to do this using the Satori firmware? Perhaps using the command line?

  2. sune

    sune Network Guru Member

    You could enable syslog in the web config and (using command line) make iptables log incomming dropped connections:

    iptables -R INPUT 1 -j logdrop -m state --state INVALID
    iptables -R INPUT 6 -j logdrop

    You then need a syslog server running somewhere or wallwatcher.

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