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how to reduce interference of other wireless signals?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by hedpe, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. hedpe

    hedpe Network Guru Member


    I live in an apartment building that is shaped like a U.

    In this U I am at the very bottom in the dead middle ... and I pick up my schools wireless signal from outside the top of the U.

    My apartment building is 9 floors, and I can pick up 25+ other wireless signals that have ssid broadcasting enabled.

    During the day when a lot of people are using their local WANs, I get about 20% packet loss (I tested this by pinging yahoo.com over 5 minutes time). During the night when most people are sleeping, my packet loss drops to 5%. This is a major difference and I can definately feel it.

    I pick up my schools wireless signal with a WAP54G set into client mode with stock antennas, but I made parabolic reflectors for each antenna with this guide: http://www.freeantennas.com/projects/template/

    Is there any other way I can reduce the interference of other signals or lower my packet loss?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. penkert

    penkert Network Guru Member

    I'd suggest a good directional antenne (e.g. a bi-quad or four-quad) with an aperture angle that's as small as possible. By using such an antenna you increase the signal strength you pick up from your school while, at the same time, reducing other WLAN signals that lie outside the signal beam.
  3. hedpe

    hedpe Network Guru Member

    that seems as if it would help in my situation

    do you know who sells these or can you recommend a brand/model for my situation?


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