how to setup home network & harddirve auto sleep

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by Luxo_DK, May 17, 2005.

  1. Luxo_DK

    Luxo_DK Network Guru Member

    How should I setup the network configuration in the SLUG, to make it work optimal with windows XP? I've created few users, like mp3, share, install, alex.... with passwords and a sharefolder for every user. BUT when i try to map these from XP, I only can map one drive. Then XP says that I can't connect to the same folder with different usernames. But I'm not trying to connect to the same folder. Should I setup this SAMBA thing with the openSlug OS, or is there any other way to make it right?

    Another question I have is do the usb drive connected to the SLUG ever turn off automaticlly? Doesn't the SLUG have a sleepfunction for the drives?

  2. mapper

    mapper Network Guru Member


    the way it seems to work is that you create a user with the same name as the user account on your xp machine, it then users/expects that to be used for the connection.

    The easiest way to set things up is as follows
    Create account on NSLU as your XP user (you may have done this already as alex). The password will have to be the same as your XP password.

    Create any other shares (which you have done).

    Assign the xp user to the additional shares via ADMIN|SHARES|MEMBERS

    you will now have several shares that can be accessed by the same user.

    Regarding the USB Drives spinning down. The slug does not have this capability.

    However it may be possible depending on the type of disk you have, you will need a linux environment to do this.
    If you don't have linux you can download linux live cds that run linux from a cd and don't write to your hard disk, handy for this sort of job, try knoppix.
    PS I have not tried this out yet, although I will at some point because it will reduce the wear and tear on the disk considerably.

    Have a look at this link.

  3. Luxo_DK

    Luxo_DK Network Guru Member

    thanks alot

    I've got the network going, and me happy :) The drive spindown I will work on. I've Ubuntu live CD and maybe I can find something for the LaCie disk to setup.
  4. gelan

    gelan Network Guru Member

    the command you want is hdparm. this will let you edit a bunch of parameters on the disk's own firmware. make sure you read the output of "man hdparm" first, as you can majorly mess up your drive by doing this.
  5. argh

    argh Network Guru Member

    The hdparm is a no-go from the slug since usb harddisc`s are recognized as scsi storage. However you have an scsi version called sdparm i think. It works on some discs. My approch for now is plugging the hd directly to a linux computer trought the normal ide-cables. Then i set spindown time and shut down my linux box. Then i assembly my external hd casing WITHOUT dissconnecting the power from the hd. Now spindown works until you have a power loss.
  6. gelan

    gelan Network Guru Member

    What I meant for you to do is to use a Live CD as was previously mentioned and physically attach the drive to a desktop computer and then run the hdparm. There is a danger of doing any configuration like this over any connection other than a proper IDE connection.

    THEN use hdparm to configure the drive. using sdparm might not work, as that is designed for scsi drive archetecture. since the drives you are using are actually IDE, it might not work properly after the fact.
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