How to show SSID hidden APs on webUI survey?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by shika, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. shika

    shika Addicted to LI Member

    I was going to choose the best channel to bridge networks through WDS , and found I could just see APs broadcasting SSID in webUI survey of tomato.
    Is there any way to show which hide their SSIDs on router's webUI? I have no convenient WLAN adapter to do this using computer software at the moment.
  2. teddy_bear

    teddy_bear Network Guru Member

    Tomato uses active scan mode to do wireless survey. However, on my Asus WL520GU, passive mode consistently gives better scan results - I get more APs, including some weak non-broadcasting ones, while in active mode I only get the ones that broadcast SSID. I wonder if it would be a good idea to mod the Tomato code to always use passive mode for scans.

    What router do you use? Can you compare results of the following 2 commands executed in Telnet session to see which one gives you better results?

    1. Active scan used by Tomato:
    wl ap 0; wl scan; sleep 2; wl scanresults; wl down; wl up; wl ssid ""; wl ssid "[I]<your_ssid>[/I]"; wl ap 1
    2. Passive scan:
    wl ap 0; wl scan -t passive; sleep 4; wl scanresults; wl down; wl up; wl ssid ""; wl ssid "[I]<your_ssid>[/I]"; wl ap 1
    Both commands above assume you have wireless radio on, and run the router in AP mode. In these commands, replace <your_ssid> by the actual SSID of your router. If you run your router in a client mode (not as an AP), you don't need to issue the last "wl ap 1" command.

    You may want to try these commands multiple times, and at different time of the day. In my case the passive scan always returns at least the same APs as the active scan, and in many occasions more APs.
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