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How would I set up a WAP4400N with a WRT300N?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by vBTEAM, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. vBTEAM

    vBTEAM Guest

    Hello all, first off let me say I am glad to have found this forum. It looks like there is a lot more help here I was able to find on the Linksys site. I will try to explain my situation in detail.

    I work at a motel and we currently have a WRT300N router for guests to use WiFi. Unfortunately, the range only extends about 100 feet from the router. I live approximately 80 feet from the router and get a maximum signal of 40%. I am looking to purchase a WAP4400N access point to extend the range of our wireless signal. I have an electrical outlet where I can plug in the WAP and from what I read, that is all I need for the WAP to connect to the WRT router, is this correct?

    Does anyone know the correct way to install this equipment so that I can provide WiFi to more of my guests?

    Thanks a million.
  2. Sabboth

    Sabboth LI Guru Member

    Like yourself, I too am looking to extend the range of my WRT350N.

    Only there's no possible way of doing it wirelessly as I have come to discover. I don't think any of the current N routers have any built in bridging capabilities.

    There are a couple of ways, but I'm no expert. You could try daisy chaining the one device you're looking to get with your 300N, though that would require a lot of ethernet cable, which is something I doubt is feasible in your situation though.

    Maybe someone else can expand on this...

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