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huge rvo82 problem

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by lifted, May 1, 2007.

  1. lifted

    lifted LI Guru Member

    i have a network which consists of a rvo16 at my office(in memphis), 2 rvo4`s one at my house and one at my bosses house. 22 wrv series routers, 21 are in dallas and one in detroit. and 4 rvo82`s that are in chicago. one of my rvo82`s is having a problem with dhcp. the tunnel will be up and i can connect to the router, but none of the units behind the router show up. it has the 1.3.5 firmware on it, and i have even replaced the router with a new one. the config is the same as the other 3 have and they havent given me any problems in 6 months of operation. someone please help.
  2. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    What do you mean the units behind the router don't show up? They aren't listed in the DHCP status page? Do the 'units' actually get an IP and can use the internet and/or VPN? Or do they not get online at all?

    If the pcs are working but don't show in the status then best guess is that another DHCP server is handing out the IPs.
  3. lifted

    lifted LI Guru Member

    i have 4 cameras, and 5 pcs behind the router. the pcs and cameras show up in the dhcp page status page. i have a application which maps a drive to each pc using the vpn and pulls a log for the app that i run. my can not map a drive, and i can not ping any of the units. and no they do not have internet acces.
  4. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    *should* the pcs have internet access? if the pcs should be able to see the internet but can't then they won't work over the VPN either. Is the local access on the LAN o.k.?

    I would look closely at what the machines are getting for networking and make sure it is correct (default gateway, subnet, etc). Then I would make sure the router is in the proper mode (gateway mode most likely). And then check that the MTU is correct. MTU can be a source of problems if things seem to be right but you can't do anything beyond small packet work.
  5. lifted

    lifted LI Guru Member

    the router is setup to hand certain addresses to certain macs addresses. so the macs for all 5 pc`s are setup in the router. and yes the pcs should have internet. i will check the other things as soon as my tech gets there.

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