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HyperWAP (3.04 Basis) on WAP54G V2

Discussion in 'HyperWAP Firmware' started by T-Rxx, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. T-Rxx

    T-Rxx LI Guru Member

    Sry for my bad english

    I´ve just updated my WAP54G from 2.08 (official firmware) to 3.04 (official)

    Now I have WAP2 Support, that´s very important, because i only want to use WPA2 in my WLAN Network

    Yesterday i saw in the HyperWAP.org Forum that some users have built a HyperWAP Firmware based on the 3.04. But the link seems to be for WAP54G in Version 3 only. Or is this incorrect? I´m using the V2 Version. Die official HyperWAP Firmware is to old, based on 2.07, there´s no wpa2 support.

    f t p ://tigerware.homeip.net/pub/linksys/wap54g/wap54g_v3-3.04.02-hyperwap_V3.zip

    has someone testet this 3.04 firmware on a V2 System?

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