HyperWRT 2.1b1 bug

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by hOrnizuka, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. hOrnizuka

    hOrnizuka Network Guru Member

    Hi guys!

    I recently purchased a WRT54Gv3 router. It came with the latest linksys firm released on 1/28/2005. I did some tests like transfering huge files between 2 wired computers. Lucky no problem at all. :D

    So i went on and flashed it to the latest 2.1b1g firm by Avenger. It was very stable until i get random timeouts while surfing. Then I did some tracert to some site and found out the first hop(router) was very unsual. I get higher than usual ping like 6ms, where it should be <1ms or 1ms and sometimes i get request timedouts. I then use "ping -t", but it got worse, i was getting more and more random timeouts. Web interface cant be accessed, even if i can access it, it's REALLY SLOW.

    I didn't know what's wrong so i turned off my bittorrent program. And everything backed to normal.

    I reflashed it to 3.03.6 linksys firm and ran bt program with "ping -t" in the background. No more timeout problems. :D

    Anyway i was using a beta firm so there suppose to be some bug(s). Hope the stable version(2.0) will not have this problem(im going to try it later).

    PS. Anyone have any idea why the firm i flashed has this date "Dec. 29, 2004" instead of "January 28, 2005" from my stock firm? My router is a Canadian model, but i flashed it with the firm from US site(apprently they only have one version of the firm).
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    when you upgraded did you hard reset the router?
  3. hOrnizuka

    hOrnizuka Network Guru Member

    actually nope. For hyperwrt firm I just went in the router and flash it. As for restoring back to linksys firm, all i did was went in the router and did the "restore to factory default", then flash the linksys firm right after. What does the hard reset do? Does it just restore old settings? or restore the firm that came with the router?


    PS. Maybe i should do a hard reset. Somehow the bittorrent speed is really slow now. Always fluctuating....hrmmm weird. I guess something wrong with the firm.

    BTW how do you do a hard reset?
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