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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by daverd, Jun 22, 2005.

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    I am experiencing a problem that baffles me.

    The bottom line is I cannot get a laptop heard on the Internet even though I know it is seen.

    My ISP is a cable provider. I have a WRT54G (firmware v3.03.6). I have 3 laptops. Two laptops are XP and the third is W2K. The modem is a Motorola (model=?).

    About 2 weeks ago, I purchased the WRT54G. Upgrading from my older Netgear, I was looking forward to being able to VPN into my work with my wife also VPN'ing (which I could not do on the Netgear).

    All was fine for a few days when I noticed that the XP laptops (my personal and my work machines) were unable to get to the Internet but my wife's W2K laptop was just fine. As far as the ISP was concerned, all was fine since they saw the modem. Further investigation showed that although the XP boxes were given an IP address, they were not given DNS addresses.

    I bypassed the router and saw the same behavior. The W2K laptop was fine but the two XP boxes were without DNS addresses.

    The ISP gave me a new Motorola modem to replace the one I had and whaddaya know, the behavior is somewhat swapped. Now, the two XP machines are fine, off the router and wired/wireless but the W2K does not work off the router (wired or wireless). It will work directly off the modem but that's no way to operate.

    I use IPCONFIG to tell me IP and DNS address status.

    Can anyone provide me with some guidance as to what the problem is? Why would a machine not have a DNS address but yet have an IP address?

    Thanks in advance.

    ps - The W2K laptop has no local firewall running, at least that I see (no ZoneAlarm, Norton, etc). And when I could not get the XP machines running, I shut down ZoneAlarm and XP firewall to no avail.
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    try unplugging the modem and router and then plugging them back in in that order. if that doesn't work, i would try a new modem from a company other than motorola, like a linksys BEFCMU10 version 3 cable modem. i have one and it works great.
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    Also, log into your router via http and see the status of DNS. Is the router getting it from the modem? Do you want to set the DNS manually, which is recommended since the DNS problems Comcast had (you didn't state which ISP you use.) Why not set it manually, thus allowing the router to supply it to your clients regardless of what the modem is doing?

    Search on DNS addresses on this site and you will get some. Here are the ones I have culled from posts here. The comments are not mine:

    Some DNS servers I reccomend:
    These are all DNS server addresses that resolve differently across the country. Some are GTE, some Level3, some Verizon, but are all VERY speedy and work well. Some also reccomend using the ORSC's public servers, one of which is I have not used this server, but others say it is fast.

    dadkins See Profile adds these DNS servers:
    SpeakEasy Nameservers

    ORSC Public Access DNS Nameservers

    Sprintlink General DNS



    That ought to do ya!
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