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I can ping but not connect to the internet?!?! help!!

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by EndMyMisery, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. EndMyMisery

    EndMyMisery Guest

    Ok, I am about to pick up my monitor and throw it out the window eight about now. I have been working ALL day long on this and absolutely nothing has happened. I am running a Dell dimension 4500s with a Linksys Wireless G WUSB54GS access point. MY router is a Dell Wireless 2350 Broadband router. When I run the linksys monitor, it says "You are connected to the access point, but the internet cannot be found." However, i can ping my IP address successfully and i can also ping various website, ie-yahoo, google, etc.. However, i cannot ping the computer i am on right now, which is sharing a connection with the one i am setting up. And oh yes, for some reason every now and then when i turn the computer on, my internet decides to work, but when reset again, it goes back to its stubborn nonworking form. And i just recently(yesterday) reformatted my computer, so its not a corrupted file. PLEASE HELP!!!!!(im going insane :rofl: )

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