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I cant pickup signal from my laptop

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by hraiyan, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. hraiyan

    hraiyan Guest

    I can't pickup signal from my laptop after few days upgrade to DD-WRT firmware. It was fine up to today, when I did minor tweaks to the wireless security settings, changing from WEP to WPA2. I also did an upgrade on my wireless adapter to accomodate this WPA2.

    After only minutes of having this WPA2 setting, all of the sudden the signal just went off, I thought this could be to do with interference. I changed the signals, still doesnt work. I disabled the security settings, my laptop finally can pick up the signals. I enabled the security settings, it went back to no signals. However, strangely, other laptops can pick up the signal. I thought this could be do with the firmware, so I flashed, if thats the right term, changing the firmware to HyperWRT. By doing this, though, I still couldnt pick up the signal. Please anyone who has this same experience, share with me anything, if you have solved this problem.

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