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I must be cursed...

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by iforland, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. iforland

    iforland Network Guru Member

    Bought a WAG54G v1 over a year ago...worked ok, wifi a disaster.

    Decided to upgrade to WAG54GX2 in December....when it works its great....wifi no problems, however it takes forever to even connect to the DSL line. And when it finally does it lasts a couple of hours and for no reason I loose the connection and I'm back to waiting for it to connect again.

    Have check all of my settings, I've even tried changing the encapsulation from VC to LLC, no difference. I think I'm right in saying that the DSL light should be a steady green when the router detects a DSL signal, its the Internet light that is dependent on your setting for your ISP, therefore I think there is something more fundmentally wrong here.

    Have also tried downloading the firmware and performing a full reset no change.

    I can plug in my old WAG54G and it connects within seconds.

    Anyway, I've given up and called Linksys and after 2 hrs on the phone they say that it needs to be return to Linksys for replacement.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong??

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