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I really need some Help

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ctrl-alt-del, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. ctrl-alt-del

    ctrl-alt-del LI Guru Member

    I have a WPC54G ver3 notebook adapter and frankly, I'm just about ready to pitch it. My wireless network was fine, then a few weeks back it stopped working. I thought it had been because I recently downloaded SP2, but I unintstalled the service pack update with no luck. At first I couldn't get past acquiring network address, but now I just can't connect. Every now and then I can connect (or it appears that way) but I still can't use the internet and the "available network" ends up unavailable before I can try tweaking anything. I've reinstalled the adapter twice and it still doesn't work. Not long ago, I set it up so that windows would configure the settings. Unforunatly, I couldn't find any WPA support and now the application that came with the adapter won't do anything beyond open up so I've had to scrap my WPA security altogether. In fact, I thought maybe it was the security settings that were causing problems (maybe they had been changed, I thought), but it still won't connect even on an unsecure network. It won't give me any message, it just won't connect.

    Please, somebody has to have some idea...
  2. ctrl-alt-del

    ctrl-alt-del LI Guru Member

    Alright, I'm connected through the wireless network right now. I don't know what changed between now and this afternoon, but I'm online. The problem is, it seems a little slow (the wireless connection was practically identical to the wired connection before I started having problems) and the network is unsecure and I'm afraid to secure before I figure out what's going on.

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