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Ident Daemon

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Chyper, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Chyper

    Chyper Network Guru Member

    Hi there,

    i wondered if it's possible to run a small identd on the wrt54gs+DD-WRT. This would solve the problems i currently have with IRC.
    I've atm set a port 113 forward to my main PC. But i want to be able to connect from other PC's to IRC-Networks too (cuz the Main-PC isn't always running). So i thought a IdentD on the router would be the best solution. (limitation: always the same ident-response, but i could live with that).

    Has anyone tested this so far? Maybe somone could consider a identd.
    I'm note really big in linux so far, so i've no idea if thats possible after all with busybox.

    P.S. As i understood from some postings so far, port-triggering isn't really working well with port 113/mirc. Or i'm wrong with that?


  2. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    The binary from the Openwrt oidentd package
    is running without problems on Alchemy. So I guess, it will also run on DD-WRT.

    But don't forget, that you can't forward arbitrary ports to the WRT54G itself by using the webinterface. So you'll have to manually add a iptables rule like this
    -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 113 -j logaccept
    to your INPUT chain with rc_firewall. At least that's the way it's working on Alchemy.

  3. cranky

    cranky Network Guru Member

    Why not just use port triggering?

    Under Applications and Gaming, select port triggering

    Application: IRC
    Trigger range Start Port: 6660
    Trigger range Stop Port: 7006
    Forwarded Range Start Port: 113
    Forwarded Range Stop Port: 113
    Enable: Checked

    I can connect from any PC as long as it has a ident service on it (including mirc) Considerably simpler than installing a ident server on the router and it allows multiple idents if required.
  4. Chyper

    Chyper Network Guru Member

    I tried port-triggering a few days ago, but it havn't worked. But i will try it again before installing the identd. Thanks for your answers.

  5. cranky

    cranky Network Guru Member

    I've never had a problem using port triggering for ident when connecting to irc. My guess is that your client was using a port other than the "normal" 6667, which is why I suggest the trigger range of 6660 - 7006. Theres nothing wrong with running ident on the router but given limited resources of a wrt54g I'd recommend trying to get port triggering working since it works for other people.

    Sexier than ident is running a bnc on the router =]
  6. Chyper

    Chyper Network Guru Member


    weird, port-triggering is now working well :))
    Just another question...i have definied some ports for dcc send/chat.
    right now i've these fix forwarden to one ip and everything is working well.

    it it possible to trigger those port as well, so that dcc send/chat is available on other computer to? (For example ports 5000-5005 are for dcc)

    What must i enter in the port-triggering field on the web-interface?


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